FAQ – SkylightPayCard

SkylightPaycard is a prepaid card issued by Netspend. Also, note that this is not a credit card. Since this is not a credit card, it will not affect or improve your creditworthiness. You will also receive cashback rewards and personalized offers for qualifying purchases.


As a new owner of a NetSpend SkylightPaycard, you must first activate your SkylightPaycard and verify your identity. You will receive the activation and identity verification instructions printed on the card package as soon as you receive them in the mail.

SkylightPayCard – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the SkylightPaycard options program?

The SkylightPayCard options program offers a secure and convenient alternative to traditional cash and paper checks. Your money is deposited directly into an account at an FDIC-insured bank and can be accessed with your Skylight ONE Visa® or Skylight ONE MasterCard® prepaid card or with a Skylight check to withdraw all money. Money in your Skylight account.

Where can I use my SkylightPayCard?

Your SkylightPayCard can be used at millions of ATMs to withdraw cash and anywhere Visa or MasterCard debit cards (based on the logo on the front of your card) are accepted for purchases, for example. B. in supermarkets and other stores.

What are SkylightPayCard checks and how can I use them?

If you want, you can use SkylightPayCard checks to create your own paycheck. Every payday, whether it’s at work, home, or on vacation, you can withdraw all the money from your Skylight account with a Skylight check. Skylight checks can be cashed free of charge at any US branch, Participating Bank, and ACE Cash Express branches. You will receive 2 checks in your new account package. To request more free checks, call Customer Service at the number on the back of your card.


How much does the SkylightPaycard Options program cost?

Registration is free and there are several ways to access your salary for free. Fees may apply depending on how you use your Skylight account. You will receive a pricing plan with your new account package.

What happens if I lose my SkylightPaycard?

If you lose money, your money is gone. If you lose your card, contact Skylight immediately so they can cancel the lost card and protect your money. You will receive a replacement card when you call. Your first replacement card each year is free.

How can I check my balance and keep track of my expenses?

Skylight makes it easy for you to manage your money. A toll-free automated phone service provides account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 7 hours a day. When you sign up to access skylightpaycard.com online, you can also visit the online account center at any time to check your account balance, verify your transactions, and view or print your bank statements. You can also sign up for free notifications at any time to schedule balance, deposit, or payment updates sent directly to your cell phone or email inbox, OR send us a message and we’ll test your balance.