Mobile Login

Access to SkylightPayCard is very different from any other desktop login platform. Cardholders need information such as username and password.


However, the official SkylightPayCard website is designed to fit the size of any screen and any device the user visits

SkylightPaycard is used for Paycard at ATMs at no additional cost on prepaid cards or SkylightPaycard MasterCard, where you can check your balance.

After logging into SkylightPaycard through the secure portal, view your FDIC-backed bank deposit to view your cash balance or check the balance.

Access SkylightPayCard connection services from mobile devices:

  • First of all, open a mobile browser like Google Chrome, Opera, etc., and enter in the address bar.
  • The official SkylightPayCard portal will open on your phone. The version optimized for mobile devices works perfectly with the mobile device.
  • Now select the alternative “Account access” or “Connection option” on the mobile screen.
  • Paste the credentials into files that look like the screen.
  • If the information provided by the user is correct, they will have access to the mobile view of their account.


Netspend offers the SkylightPayCard Visa Prepaid Card and the SkylightPayCard MasterCard Prepaid Card through the Skylight PayOption program to help consumers do paperless payroll and provide employees with a convenient way to obtain their paychecks. This paperless prepaid salary card issued by Axos Bank is also a powerful money management tool.

The company has also developed an application that allows users to activate and access all Skylight features. In addition, users should make sure that the application has the best benefits such as B. Simple registration and all the functions that are much easier to navigate in the portable application.

The SkylightPayCard app is also accessible to almost all Android devices, so users can access their phone account with their credentials such as username and password. The Android application is also very similar to the interface of the iOS application.